A.S. Office of the President

Mission Statement

As the 2020-2021 Associated Students Office of the President, our mission statement is guided by accessibility, transparency, and advocacy to serve as a voice of the student body. By pursuing and maintaining collaborative efforts among all A.S. entities, the A.S.O.P. is determined to create resources and educate on existing ones in order to provide basic needs and enrich student life and campus culture. 

President Yuval Cohen and Staff

Message from our A.S. President

Hello UCSB! I am extremely honored to be your AS President for the 2021-2022 school year. Thank you for electing me. I am excited and passionate to be able to work to make UCSB a campus we can be proud of. My main projects will focus on Basic Needs and Academic Support and I am eager to begin. Please reach out to be below or at president@as.ucsb.edu with any questions, concerns, comments, or if you just want to talk! Thank you and let’s have a great year!


Questions? Concerns? Inquiries about future projects? We’d love to help connect you with the appropriate entities.

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