Week Ten

Navi – EOP study jams mostly in SRB 6-10
·      Wed El Centro
·      All this week and all next week

Alex – Student and workers for bargaining meeting Wed noon in the SB Harbor Room (UCEN) SHOW SUPPORT

Adeel – 1st week of Winter Quarter, Student run textbook Jan 9 We from 11 – 3 pm on the Annex Lawn

Sophia – Thursday 12:30 -1:30 pm show support for anti-sexual assault on bike loop

ASOP shirts!
·      For fellows, SAPlings, staff
·      Design by Emmanuel

House Announcements
·      Sign-ups for one-on-ones with Sophia and Daniel

Liason Committee/Project Updates
·      Adeel – Faculty is very boring, talk about GE’s whether it should be approved. Online courses and what qualifies and having approval. Why students take online courses.
·      Alex – Nobody is really doing much. AFT, week of action this week. University agreed to give a merit increase but the UCs are withholding them and saying that they will take away from pension if they accept. Next quarter is thanking your workers banquet
·      Emmanuel – Mural location. Need Chancellor Yang’s approval, MCC, and grad students. MCC is currently not up for it.
·      Kayla – Environmental Justice got sponsors. Indigenous voices exhibit was great. Sustainability working group and want o create an emphasis oh pHd
·      Vanessa – Meeting on wed for diversity survey. We need to get as many people to fill it out to get it validated. Might be dispersed through break. Assigning fellows projects during winter break
·      Navi – Outlining a lot of videos and ideas with the website. Talking to the fellows about these ideas and what they want to do. Weekly updates on the blog and do the event of the week being featured. Shout out to BCCs. UCI does weekly wrap up videos and have a news broadcast. Work on the AS tour. Long-term video might be done over the winter break. Create of artivism exhibit or graffiti on pardall about quotes to show the shocking quotes but its being thrown around in MCC Council.
o   Social Justice Potluck/Mixer “Our Space is Your Space” at El Centro during meeting time of S.C.O.R.E. 3rd of winter quarter Jan 24th at 7 pm Thursday.
o   “Facing Race” – general member retreat. Date TBA.
·      Brady – Fellows were previously underutilized. This year we need to create tree so have them connect with other projects to get them active.
o   Fellows should be offered to come to AS meeting
o   But mandatory 1 hr separate meeting with your own fellows
o   SAP is having retreat and a separate meeting