Week 3

·      Potluck?
·      Restaurant – Del Pueblo Café on Hollister
·      Beach?
·      Daniel send out Doodle
Voter Registration
·      Sat Weekend (door-to-door campaign)

·      Alex – Rally tomorrow Arbor @ 12 pm Unions coming together speaking, Das Williams will be there

·      Student Worker Coalition – plan a lot of rallies and action, Alex is trying to start it up again so if you’re interested hit him up

·      Caucus Cause – CA association of College Students – creating a consortium to fight for legislation

o   Got real allies – willing to set up press conferences

o   Moving forward – presenting at SOCC

·      Emmanuel – Looking up murals at other schools for powerpoint

o   Voter Reg

o   Thurs food sale

·      Adeel – Book bank: SIRC is meeting every other Thursday 5 pm Annex

·      Annie – Meeting with VIP Program – Take Back The Night

o   Meeting with UCEN Health and Safety Committee

§  Architecture

§  Need anything to bring up let Annie

§  Student Internships at the firms?

§  Student Health issues

·      Kayla – Friday – Zero Waste: Vendors there should have compostable items with Plastics Pollution Coalition @ Harder Stadium – hopefully NO trash – Spread the word

o   Co-op is endangered of shutting down

o   Some folks protesting outside of Chase Bank (passing out info on Credit Union) – done human rights violation

o   Human Rights Board meetings on Tuesdays

o   Environmental Justice Coalition – Indigenous Voices coming in November – panels and speakers – get social justice groups involved

·      Preston – Meeting w. Denise about hiring for someone advising for business services

o   Meeting at 8 am panel of local doctors in south hall 1431

·      Vanessa – Health and Wellness make specific workshops for people of color + queer community

o   “I am an individual” campaign outreach

§  Submit different identity to Vanessa

o   Empathy workshops

o   Disorientation guide

o   Spoken word series – specifically to social justice and activism

·      Navi – SOCC – not all staff will be accepted

o   Score is meeting tomorrow at 6 pm – fieldtrip to MCC event at 6:30 pm Diane Fujino will be speaking about Richard Aoki

o   Henna, Indian, Samosas SRB form 2 – 6 pm on Wednesday

o   Bollywood Movie at SRB Multipurpose room

Meeting On Friday @ 9 am
·      Write out schedules to present them to other folks and getting input (timelines)