Projects | 2010-2011

Here is the list of projects started in the office during the 2010-2011 school year.  If you are interesting in helping with any of these, please contact us!

Student Food Bank:

Creating a service that will provide students with canned foods and other non-perishable items to students who are unable to afford food. Now open and located on the third floor of the UCen!

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Student Financial / Food Need Survey: UCSB’s Associated Students and the Graduate Student Association would like to know how UCSB students are doing in this area.  By taking this survey, you will help us better understand current needs and work together to improve the student experience at UCSB.

Student Services Presentations: The Committee on Student Services will schedule presentation in the residence halls and other university housing to explain student services UCSB has to offer.  Students will also be able to address issues and concerns via survey and discussion at these events.

Speak up Against Hate Week: A week-long campus-wide campaign that will aim to raise awareness of the hate crimes that have taken place in our campus community and will encourage students to contribute to the initiative of transforming our campus environment to a hate-free one that values diversity.

Business Safe Space Initiative: The goal of this initiative is to create off-campus safe spaces within the local community that are available to students, families, and all other community members.  Focusing primarily on Isla Vista, the plan is to create a series of “safe space training sessions” hosted by students that educate businesses on how to provide safe spaces for people in need of them. By completing these training sessions, businesses will have the opportunity to become “safe space certified”. Ultimately, this project will make safe spaces more accessible to community members living off campus.
Student Food Cart: In collaboration with The Student Food Collective and other organizations we are attempting to bring UCSB a greater selection of locally and ethically sourced food.  By fall of 2011, we plan on having a fully functional student-run food cart on campus.  This food cart will not only offer healthier meals for the community, but will also be a model of what sustainable business can be on this campus.
Health Publications: In order to raise awareness of important health information and resources, informational posters will be posted campus-wide. These posters will contain health facts and UCSB resources which will incorporate a variety of health topics such as sexual health, alcohol and drug facts, nutrition, mental health, physical well being and other current health issues.