Week 1

Presidential Announcements

  • Meet with fellows at least once a week (optional for them to go to SAP meetings)
  • Each person needs to create a mission statement, project description, week-by-week timeline, target audience per project
  • Putting in work orders, flyers, etc to build the campaign
  • UC Regents Meeting – UCSF next Wed and Thursday
  • Carpooling – Alex Jenson
  • USSA carpool?
  • San Joaquin – Student Apt housing, new market, new Portola, LARGEST development they have ever done. 3% increase of rent every year, and to share a double it would be $900. Loop and Icon are the newest housing development and price comparisons
  • Press Release? Banner?
  • SAPs meeting every other Thursday

Project Updates

  • Annie – Coordinating Committee Friday 12 pm – 1 pm at the Women’s Center
  • By week 2 meet with different presidents of sororities and frats to introduce project
  • Alternative menstruation product at Women’s Center next Wed (hosted by Annie)
  • Information session with sororities and frats to present info and get things solidified by Spring quarter. Goal of this quarter is to get everything on board
  • Navi – can help with any publications, pictures, films, videos, etc.
  • Worked on videos including “end sexual assault” campaign, new youtube page for AS, wrap videos with Sophia (preferably each week) for updates or things going on around campus, video showing activism in the past and present (might be done next week)
  • Adeel – Wednesday 11- 3 pm, buy and sell textbooks. Annex can be used for storage space.
  • Class wraps
  • Sign-up sheet
  • Kayla – Green guide for all orgs so she’s going to update it. Might take three weeks. Env Justice Coalition keeping up with meetings. Put a board out and ask “What is Sustainability”? Big concert thing. Sustainability resource guide (online attached or something separate)
  • Preston – Meet this week or next week on how to outline in terms of policing IV. Can it just be CSOs or any student can sign up for it. Emailing all student officers and might meet with heads of the Student Services to talk about budget in order to tie them into the AS office
  • Alex – Creating an Undergraduate Labor Union this quarter and making stuff happen. Discussions about UCSA, UC Regents, UCOP, etc. Template is written for coalition at UCSB and send out to other UCs for allies
  • Atina – Comprehensive approach to sexual health program for upcoming new students. Gaucho FYIs – peers giving info about bike safety, alcohol, social scene but no mention of sex, love relationships. Train Gaucho guides to be able to include sexual health information. RA’s be in charge of doing sexual education workshop. Video campaign. Run workshops and who are ready and certified to host them. Install condom machines.