Week 5

Dinner at 6:30 pm DP café
·      Drivers: Kayla, Sophia, Alex
·      Meet at AS Main at 5:45
Org/Event Announcements
·      SCORE meeting Tues 6 pm MCC room
·      Human Rights Board 7 pm MIRC (SRB)
·      Sat free Yoga Class 5-7 pm
·      USSA Board meeting conference call
·      Biko House Reclaim IV 8 pm
·      Marketing Association Seminar 5:30 pm Lobrero Room (Ucen)
·      Student Worker Coalition Wed 8 pm El Centro
·      IDEAS meeting today 8 pm El Centro
·      Fund Hogwarts Not Azkaban Event Budget Presentation Santa Catalina Sunday 7:30
·      SASS Teach-In meeting tomorrow 10:30 Biko
·      El Centro Thursday 9 pm Location TBA (probably El Centro)
·      Wed 7 pm MCC (Islamic Holiday)
AS Recruitment Fair (Wed 10/30 12-3)
·      Swag things

o   Buttons

o   Wristbands

o   Stickers/Bumper stickers

o   Bottles

o   “We Run UCSB”

·      Tabling

o   12 pm – Annie (12:15), Kayla (12-12:25)

o   1 pm – Preston

o   2 pm – Vanessa, Alex

o   3 pm – Christy

o   Navi has to figure out Score

o   Adeel is tabling for AAB

El Centro – Vanessa
S.A.S.S. – Teach-In – Navi
Anti-Homophobia Campaign
IV Food Coop – Kayla
MCC Council – ??
Food Bank – Annie
Social Justice Org – Kayla
GOTV – VRVC – Alex
Letter about HR 35 – Preston

Weekly Updates (Committees)
·      Vanessa – Diversity Survey meeting Wed 9 am AS Main

o   Get what campus needs in terms of diversity and culture

o   Get it happen and fill it out asap

·      Alex – Thank you workers campaign

o   Alex – Start undergraduate Labor union

·      Preston – Narrowed down to 5 candidates to Student Services Director
·      Annie – Take Back The Night, waiting for feedback
·      Adeel – Counsel of Student Affairs addressing international students and helping to large demographic shifts

o   Mental health and campus climate

o   Bias incidents against LGBT and race

·      Sara – Student portfolio of student fees
·      Sophia – UC Council of Presidents (Sat) in Irvine

o   Prop 30 and how we deal with the cuts.

o   UCSA – wrote a resolution condemning HR 35 – bill put up to state senate. Info will be passed

o   Board of Trustees meeting – money investments in stocks on Sat. New Bio-engineering building funded by one center $75 millions from army and $25,000 from donors

·      Sam – Doreen Farr – retransform the frat house to homeless and students who are temporary homeless

o   L&S narrowed applicants for Senators

o   SOCC presentations are done

·      Navi – Please get waivers done

o   Mandatory meeting Nov. 6 (bring UC Riverside)

·      Kayla – EAB members with Board of Trustees to talk about how we can divest and get donors. Look into socially responsible investments. Also to end coal investments