Week 8

Funding Request

·     IDEAS – undocumented support group. “Differed Action” passed. National Conference Nov 30-Dec 2nd in Missouri. Take 5 students to go to the conference. Request $700.40 tickets for two people.


·      $9 million entire AS

·      $12,000 for ASOP – $4,000 a quarter

·      Fees has raised 300% in the last decade

Commissioner’s Projects

·      Preston – Cop Watch Workshops

·      Emman – Student Mural

·      Vannessa – Photo Campaign

·      Navi – Transparency, Media

·      Kayla – Env Justice Coalition

·      Annie – Victim Intervention Program Forum

·      Alex – Undergraduate Student Union

·      Adeel – Saving money on textbooks

·      Chief of Staff – Keeping the office afloat


·      Go to one organizations meeting by the next meetings

o   Welcome to go to more than one 🙂


·      Take Back The Night – sexual violence issues – working with Annual Student Wide Committee. Forum will have UCPD, Women’s Center, IVFP, Isla Vista Safety, to give announcements about the alerts. Forum is Dec 3rd SRB Multipurpose Room. Safety survey will be provided as well

·      Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser 2-4 pm at Panda Express

·      SCORE Meeting tomorrow 7 pm

·      Student Worker Coalition Wed at 12 noon

·      Human Rights Board Tomorrow 7 pm

·      Indigenous Voices Mon-Thurs (look out for some posters)

·      QUEER Harvest – thanksgiving

Week of Action

·      Student Worker Rally

o   Students and workers marched. Meeting with admin later. Get involved with Alex Jenson

·      Teach-In at Arbor

o   Bringing professors, union reps, and students and talk about privatization have affected universities and students. Learning the structures of power, money flows, and experiences

·      In solidarity with Global Strike

o   With students in Montreal and Chile who have been having years long of protests to fight for higher education

·      It is a UNITED STRUGGLE