Student-Run Market

It used to be a common practice for people to all show up at the beginning of the quarter in Storke Plaza and buy/sell books directly between students. Now, a lot of people are doing this through Facebook, but bringing people together in one place is still the best way to connect people that don’t know each other. This is a much better alternative than selling to the buyback companies, and students’ money stays and supports other students, instead of cushioning corporations’ bottom lines.

The next Student-Run Textbook Market will take place April 3rd, the first Wednesday of Spring quarter, in Storke Plaza. Bring your books!

How it works:

Students looking to sell books bring them to the Market, hoping to find other students that need them. If you can’t stay for long, you may leave your contact info in case somebody interested in your book comes by later. We can also watch your books during the day so you don’t have to carry them around to class, but you must come back to pick them up!

Students looking to buy books simply stop by and look for the books they’re interested in. The Market will be organized by department to make the search easier. If the book is not physically there at the moment, you may also look to see if anybody with that book has left their contact information with us.